Are SEO Services Worth It?

Believe it or not, search engine optimisation does wonders for businesses. Done right and continuously, it will virtually pay for itself with the traffic it generates for your website. We know there are a lot of business owners who choose to not go the SEO route, thinking their website will not benefit from it, but there is also a large chunk of online savvy business owners who rely on SEO for their traffic. This then raises the question: are SEO services worth it? To answer this, we need to ask the right questions.

1. Will SEO services help a business?

Yes and No. When a business decides to do SEO for their website, whether it’s an online store or a business card website, yes, SEO can definitely bring in people. A single SEO campaign can bring in unique visitors in droves, and you will see this reflect in your analytics. However, an increase in traffic does not mean an increase in sales. You will need to target the right audience to convert the audience into sales, which in turn translates to profit. And to do that, you will need to have quality content that relates well to the audience.

2. Does this mean I can stuff my website with keywords?

No, you cannot, and you should not. Quality content does not mean putting all the keywords that relate to your page on a couple of pages on your website just to drive up the traffic. Doing this will possibly do your website more harm than good, because search algorithms might see you as a spammy site. Google continuously works on its search algorithms to put down high-density keyword articles or pages. Besides, this isn’t the only way to optimise your website for SEO. More recently, the structure of the website and how the user interface makes the user experience better is also taken into consideration, as well as updating the overall content so the website does not stagnate.

3. This sounds awfully like a lot of work. Will it take time?

Yes it will. As with anything that is of value, the most worth it type of SEO will take time, and any SEO company who says that they can do the work within a day is lying. They might have something up their sleeves that will hit you in the back or do more damage to your website, which in the long run is not worth the trouble. In the case of SEO, slow and steady wins the race, and the links will serve as building blocks for your website so that they will serve you for a long time.

Yes, it is a lot of work, and that’s why theAD is offering various SEO services where we can do the articles, the link building, and everything in between that you want us to do to boost your website’s search engine optimisation.