Did you meet your SEO goals for 2019? – SEO case studies 2019

SEO case studies 2019 from Best SEO company in Sydney

Is your business positioned in the SERPs where you hoped it’d be?
If you aren’t where you wanted to be by now…

…Don’t worry because I have a solution for you.
You don’t have to let SEO wear you down.
It doesn’t have to be as complex as some companies might want you to believe….

Sometimes, all it takes is a change in your SEO strategy to take your site from barely bringing in enough visitors to having too many!

Check out these SEO case studies 2019:

Here’s a client of ours who has an e-commerce store.

They decided to let us manage their SEO and within 2 months of their campaign going live, their organic traffic exploded.
We developed a custom SEO strategy for them with Local Package that included strategic content and link building.

theAd SEO.jpg

We were able to drastically impact their web traffic, almost doubling it over the time they worked with us.


Case Study #2

Here’s another client who runs an online sports website.

This was a very competitive niche that they were able to DOMINATE by investing in consistent SEO, long-term.

Committing to SEO over a long duration of time is what allowed this business to almost 5X their website traffic and sales.

By using a custom SEO strategy that we designed for them, they now have an estimated traffic value of $12K+ PER MONTH.
That means for them to get the same amount of traffic with paid ads they’d have to pay over $12,000 a month to Google!

the AD SEO.jpg

Their SEO paid for itself in less than one month.