How much companies spend for Digital Ad

Google’s Search Revenue Lead Spells Good News For Advertisers

Google continues to soar as the leading US search advertiser, according to digital ad spending estimates. At 73% last year, Google still had the lion’s share in ad spending at, only a percent below from their 2018 spending.

By 2021 the search engine will presumably drop to 70.5%. This spells good news for Amazon, the second largest ad seller in the US. This tells us that they can slowly strengthen their ad spending market share, despite the large gap from Google.

The economy of search ad spending is getting stronger than ever, driven of course by the market leaders. Last year showed spending on search rose by almost 18%, and will continue to grow in double-digits until 2021.

These figures mean that digital advertising is on an ongoing momentum, with search ads holding onto 43% of shares of the digital market, reaching as far as 2023.

Advertisers will be glad to know that search placements continue to perform well. Great example is Amazon’s advertising endeavors, which has attracted great uptick in spending since advertisers are reaching unique audiences by using interest-based signals, or product queries, plus the fact that the audience gets targeted when they’re one click away from purchasing.

Tried and true advertising formats, however, still involve plenty of hurdles that marketers need to watch out for. Visual searching has opened the possibility of using photo-sharing platforms like Pinterest alongside search giants, but the dawn of voice devices brought in the possibility of voice searches as well, although the future of paid voice search remains unclear.