How Forte Fitness Packs a Punch

Being in the fitness industry, Forte Fitness needed a website with a strong foundation while still keeping itself grounded in simplicity. The end product is a minimalist website that packs a punch.

From providing commercial fitness equipment to designing functional training, the guys at Forte Fitness know a thing or two about creating fully customisable, full-service solutions for clients. So it was no surprise to how easy it was to work with them.

They wanted a website that reflects their dedication to creating tidy and spacious gyms no matter the size. This explains the solid concrete base of the website, complemented with yellow buttons and sleek fonts highlighting the overall minimalist look.

Forte Fitness offers a wide variety of equipment and fitness solutions, tucked between the overall cleanliness of the website, packing in strength every way they can.

The website was a success because of the constant communication between our account managers and the Forte Fit representatives. What seems like a simple website is actually filled with various fitness solutions; something that Forte Fitness is known for.