Is Snapchat Advertising Worth It?

Snapchat advertising is pretty expensive. You can expect a campaign to net you around $50 a day. So before you dive into paid ads, it’s important to determine whether Snapchat advertising will be worth the cost for your business.

Firstly, Snapchat’s demographic is 70% female and skews younger, with almost three-quarters of its user base being under 25. So if you want to advertise to this audience, Snapchat could be a good option. But it also means that if you cater to an older market, this platform likely won’t be the right fit.

Secondly, Snapchat has a strong focus on short video content, meaning that if you want your ads to be successful, that’s the format you’ll need to use. The good thing is that video ads fit seamlessly with the platform’s regular content, making for smooth transitions that won’t result in users instinctively skipping your ad. Snapchat’s ads also feature many integration options, so users can, for example, swipe up and download your app without leaving the platform. The bad thing is, Snapchat’s users tend to view content passively. So to see good results, your ads really need to knock it out of the park.

And lastly, Snapchat ads could be worth it if you’re in the fashion industry or sell novelty items. Fashion brands like Burberry and Everlane have found huge success on the platform, and fun novelty items are likely to be bought on a whim by Snapchat’s younger users.

In short, Snapchat advertising will be worth the cost to a small subset of businesses. And hey. If you’re still unsure about what channel you want to advertise on, or if you’d prefer to promote organically, TheAd can help you find the right social media solution.