Technically speaking, you can’t ‘develop’ an app with Figma, but it can get you at least partway through the process. 

As for how easy it makes app creation, you can decide that for yourself. Here’s our breakdown of everything you’ll need to make an app in Figma.

The hardware

Figma is a cloud-based design software with specific technical requirements. To use its team connectivity features, you’ll need an internet connection. And for it to run smoothly, the connection needs to be strong and coupled with at least 4GB of ram and an Intel HD 3000 (or similar) graphics card. Fortunately, these specs aren’t hard to come by, but make sure your tech meets the mark.


Figma is a little like Photoshop. In that, while it gives you the tools you need to make something great, you still need to do the actual ‘making’ part. For a good, results-driving app, that means creating or sourcing relevant, high-quality images, adding graphic elements, and writing good copy.

UX/UI knowledge

You’ll also need to brush up on things like colour theory, how to create or translate your brand’s visual style, and of course, UX/UI know-how to make sure all those elements work together to convey your message.

Good news is, Figma doesn’t leave you high and dry. While you will need to do most of the legwork yourself, Figma has a fantastic prototyping feature through which you can translate your design into clickable pages to see how the UX/UI works and make adjustments as necessary.


Figma is not a development tool. The good news is that Figma makes the development process a little easier; it summarises styles into CSS properties and code clips, which you can then easily tweak, adjust, and code without the traditional back-and-forth. 

The bad news is, you still need coding knowledge (or someone with coding knowledge) to bring the app to life. 

So, while Figma makes some elements of app creation easier, it doesn’t strictly make the process ‘easy.’ But it is still a great resource for app development agencies and freelancers, and non-specialists willing to put in the work. 

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