MeMate: Our Homegrown Business and Project Management Solution

We’ve developed dozens of apps for a lot of companies, but MeMate is a little different.

Put simply, MeMate is a project and business management software that makes life easy and ensures operations run smoothly. To date, it’s benefitted several companies, including Elite Life, Wheels Respray, and even theAD itself.

So how does it work?

MeMate consists of two parts:

A desktop application for company managers
Mobile applications for workers (i.e., employees and subcontractors).

The desktop application lets managers essentially get a live, accurate feed of their entire business, including project progress, financials, and even employee whereabouts. It also lets them send out job orders and communicate directly with workers, which workers receive and respond to through the mobile app.

Who is it for?

MeMate isn’t for any particular company. It fits and suits pretty much any business that can benefit from smoother operations and easier project management.

Firstly, MeMate has two sides: MeMate Work, which focuses on project management for smaller businesses like ours, and MeMate Business, a full-scale business management solution that’s particularly useful for large corporations.

And secondly, it’s due to the software. Because while the base features remain the same, they’re adaptable enough to make MeMate feel like an extension of a business rather than just “that app we use.”

What does it do?

Speaking of features. Depending on which side of the software you choose, MeMate lets businesses:
Create and send clear job orders with payment details. These orders function as contracts that employees or subcontractors can accept with the click of a button
Track project progress through an in-built time tracker feature and an easy to understand display
Send interactive to-do lists. Combined with the time tracker, you can ensure that everyone stays on task and on track
Monitor all company income and expenses
Generate quotes
Automatically store and easily access data from across all projects

And more.

Want to learn more about MeMate and what it can do for you? Head over to