Message Clarity and Trust: The Perks of a Good Looking Website

A good looking website is a well-designed website. And a well-designed website can help you deliver your message and build trust among your consumer base.

Here’s how.


Good, intuitive navigation and layout make a website easy to explore and its information easy to digest. And the more natural the navigation and information flow is, the better a visitor can understand your message and the less it seems like you’re hiding something.

This starts with a good information hierarchy (basically, the order in which the visitor sees things). The most important bits of information, like a summary of what you do, come first, followed by secondary information like examples of your work and your contact details. And it’s further reinforced by clearly marked tabs and headings.


Along with establishing a solid information hierarchy, web design also helps you get your message across through elements like colour schemes, fonts, and graphics. For example, if you want to establish a professional image, you might opt for neutral colours and a clean Sans Serif font. Or, if you want to come across as fun and hip, bolder fonts and vivid colours are the way to go.

How well these elements mesh with your brand and offering also affect trust. Visitors are more likely to trust a cleaning company with a more professional design. But more generally speaking, a visually displeasing website creates a bad impression and makes visitors distrust you.


Similarly to other design elements, relevant, quality images go a long way to make your site feel more professional and trustworthy and reinforce your message with visual cues. For example, in a projects or gallery section, images of your work will help visitors visualise what you do and serve as proof of what you’ve accomplished.

Long story short

Your site’s visual design is just as crucial in trust-building and message clarity as the copy, so don’t settle for ‘good enough.’ If you want help incorporating these design elements, contact the best web designers and developers in Sydney.