Putting the Art in Art Direction: Presenting Products the Right Way

There is a certain art to art direction. You cannot just put a product on a surface, point light on it and expect it to look good on the camera. What is often overlooked is putting in the little details that give an image character that makes it pop out. With this in mind, art direction is not just putting products together, taking a picture and calling it a day: it is much more complicated than that. 

Ayers & Co. is a company that caters to one thing: cleanliness. This was made clear from the start and was kept in mind throughout the shoot. Putting products in the right setting can make or break the product and with Ayers & Co., it was obvious that their products needed to be seen as the bastion of sanitation and cleanliness, and we made sure to deliver that message by shooting the photos and videos in a clean environment.

From the kitchen countertops, the balcony table, and all sorts of surfaces in the house – the cleanliness of the environment was crucial to the overall feel for the product. Even the natural light that flooded the kitchen was important in setting up a clean home. With all these set up properly, the message of the product is delivered properly through the image above. 

That is how important art direction is in creating a single image. The image is not made by accident but rather directed in a way that makes it deliver a message that the company wants to deliver to its customers. Ayers & Co. wanted to deliver the message of cleanliness and protection. The image reflects this well, as well as the video: