Site Maintenance? Do I Need It?

In today’s connected world, a website is essential in the life of any brand. This is what welcomes your customers when they want to check you out online. You want your website to always make a good impression, so you try to make it as presentable as your store. But what most people fail to do realize is that site maintenance is just as important as launching it.

Keep It Safe

Site maintenance is important to keep your website and its data safe. The Internet is a battlefield, with threats like viruses and hackers going from one website to another. Whether it’s an online store or a point of information on one page website, you will get attacked. Your content management system might provide basic security, but you will never know what kind of malware can creep in from those plugins or small cracks you didn’t notice.

Best Possible User Experience

The internet is constantly changing, and so is the preference of your customers. Performing regular site maintenance ensures that everything works great for its visitors, making sure your site’s user experience is always fresh and exciting. Keeping old files on the site makes them lag, so it is important to always update photos and other forms of content. Sometimes a half-second delay on a loading image can turn away a customer, and we don’t want that.

SEO and Rankings

Having a beautiful website isn’t enough though, you will need to have great content as well. If you want your site rankings to improve, then you need to constantly change and add content to your website. As you constantly update your content and optimize it to what your market needs, you will see a difference in the long run. On the other hand, failing to do site maintenance will drop you lower the rankings and eventually remove you from search results.

Brings in New Customers and Keeps Current Customers Interested

For websites that are constantly updated, it is much easier to bring in new customers as well as retain old ones. Customers nowadays can easily discern a sloppy website from a fresh one, regardless if it’s a simple website or not. No one wants their visitors to be turned away just seconds after seeing the homepage, or if it’s not optimized to be opened on smartphones.

Overall: It makes your site WORK.

Your website is the first thing your customers see when they look for you online. It needs to be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Customers will always be coming in and out, from their browsers or through their phones, regardless of the time. Most brands think that having a website up is enough, but site maintenance is as important as launching a website. Just like your car needs regular checkups to work properly, site maintenance is just as crucial as it will help you expand your business more by attracting customers and educating them of what you are as a brand. Only then can you maximise your website working for you.