The Latest Trends in Web Design

Web design is a bit like fashion. Trends are always coming, going, and sometimes returning, shaped by technological advancements and new insights into UX/UI.

As an agency that devotes a lot of its time to web design and development, we’re always keen to explore the latest developments and how we got here.

So without further ado, here are our favourite 2021 web design trends.

Soft colours
In direct contrast to the garish colours of Web 1.0 websites and the 2020 Dark Mode trend, 2021 moved toward pastels. But this trend isn’t just about aesthetics.

Similarly to Dark Mode palettes, using softer colours makes for web design that doesn’t strain the eyes, which is helpful to users who have to spend long periods staring at screens. Soft colours have the added benefit of conveying warmth and tranquillity, which encourages users to spend more time on the site.

Integrating 3D effects into web design is an innovation that’s been around for years. But with recent technological developments, it’s easier than ever to make stunning 3D visuals that don’t affect loading speed.

3D elements create an immersive user experience. Because not only do they grab and keep attention, they invite interaction. Parallax scrolling elements, for example, consist of static (or almost) background elements and middle layers that get more mobile the closer they get to the front.

Layer mobility and speed depend on how the user scrolls through the site, giving them a sense of control over their website experience, thus encouraging them to engage.

Abstract surrealism
Abstract and surrealist elements have become more common in web design. Likely in response to the white background product photos and clean minimalism that have dominated websites for years.

Using unusual, illustrated backgrounds for products and incorporating dynamic flat colour shapes can make a website pop, especially among competitor sites that chose a more corporate-professional design.

And on the website itself, these elements can seamlessly integrate products into the broader design and make them more eye-catching to visitors.


The bottom line
While each of these trends is great in its own way and emerged in response to real insights, you should be mindful of how you use them on your own site. If parallax scrolling is poorly implemented or pastels don’t go with your brand image, your visitor won’t come out with a positive experience.

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