Top 3 Countries For Outsourcing App Development

So you’re in Australia and want to outsource overseas? Here’s a breakdown of the top 3 IT outsourcing countries: 

  • Argentina 
  • India 
  • Poland 



Each of these countries has a robust IT market with hundreds of devoted IT universities and thousands of software development students graduating every year. 


But in terms of coding skills, Poland outranks Argentina and India by a wide margin (#4 compared to #39 and #35, respectively), and Polish software developers are among the best in the world. 


English proficiency 

To get your mobile app to where you want it to be, you need to be able to communicate with your team. So being able to speak the same language is vital.


In terms of English proficiency, Poland is ranked highest at #16, followed by Argentina at #25 and India and #50. But as English is the dominant language in the IT industry, finding an Indian-based development team fluent in it shouldn’t be difficult.


Average hourly rates 

On average, India is the cheapest country for outsourcing app development; the average rates for a development team are almost twice more expensive in Poland, with Argentina not being far behind: 

                                                                    India  Poland Argentina
Sr. Software Engineer $35 $76 $59
Web Developer $32 $65 $45
Sr. QA $29 $55 $41
Business Analyst $35 $53 $51
UI/UX Designer $41 $66 $62

But pricing isn’t everything, and cheaper development quotes are often riskier. So do your research into who will be working for you. 


Time zone 

While not the most important criteria, time zones can impact communications between you and your development team. In general, you want to make sure there are a few overlapping business hours, and India is the best choice here. 


On average, there’s around a 5-hour difference between Australia and India, compared to Poland’s 8 and Argentina’s 11. However, you can manage a huge time gap with a solid meeting schedule and clear cut instructions. 


The winner?

There are no strict winners. The best outsourcing country for you will largely depend on how complex your app needs to be, the extent of the time zone difference you’re willing to put up with, and your budget. 


And if you change your mind on overseas outsourcing and want a team that’s closer to home, we have the best mobile app developers in Sydney on staff.