Elite Life, a private membership club in Australia


Creating a Complete
Brand Identity
for Elite Life


Elite Life approached The Ad with a vision to create a complete brand identity that would appeal to business leaders and entrepreneurs, and unite them for a greater Australian future.

The challenge was to create a brand that reflected the exclusive and premium nature of the club, while also showcasing its commitment to building a strong community of like-minded individuals.



The Ad developed a comprehensive branding strategy that included photo and video production, website design, mobile application development, and the design and print of a hard copy magazine. The goal was to create a seamless brand experience for Elite Life members across all touchpoints.

Brand Identity

The Ad created a brand identity for Elite Life that was modern, sophisticated, and exclusive. The logo design featured a sleek, minimalistic design that reflected the exclusivity of the club. The color palette was kept simple with black and white, to showcase the elegance of the brand.


Mobile Application Development

The Ad developed a mobile application for Elite Life, which allowed members to access the latest private offerings and exclusive events on-the-go. The mobile app was designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive navigation and an elegant design.

Design and Print of Hard Copy Magazine

The Ad facilitated the design and print of the hard copy Elite Life magazine, which featured interviews with Australian leaders and rising business stars. The magazine was designed to be a physical representation of the brand, and to support its brand positioning in the real world.


Website Design

The Ad created a custom-designed website for Elite Life, which featured an easy-to-navigate interface, beautiful visuals, and seamless user experience. The website was optimized for search engines, to help drive traffic and increase brand visibility.

Photo and Video Production

The Ad created a range of high-quality photo and video content for Elite Life, to showcase the club’s exclusive events and offerings. The content was designed to be shared across social media platforms and used for promotional purposes.



The Ad’s branding strategy for Elite Life was a huge success. The brand identity was well-received by members and helped to position the club as an exclusive and premium membership club for business leaders and entrepreneurs. The photo and video content created by The Ad helped to showcase the club’s exclusive offerings and events, and generated a lot of engagement on social media. The website and mobile application helped to improve the user experience for members, and made it easier for them to access exclusive offerings and events. The hard copy magazine helped to support the brand in the real world, and provided members with a tangible representation of the brand.


The Ad’s comprehensive branding strategy for Elite Life was a success, and helped to position the club as a leading private membership club in Australia. The brand identity, photo and video content, website design, mobile application, and hard copy magazine all worked together to create a seamless brand experience for Elite Life members. The Ad is proud to have helped Elite Life achieve its vision of uniting business leaders and entrepreneurs for a greater Australian future.

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