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Individual Experience

Focus on the customer and
all else will follow

theAD was founded by Max Narelik who researched and brought together likeminded experts and professionals after noticing other advertising agencies happily talking their customers’ money with little to no results for it. Max strived to be different, to be more real, which is why we are here, and those advertising companies are gone.

We have international rapport and experience, and have worked across a multitude of projects. From global industry heads to the local family owned business; we know it all and have walked the talk. We believe our philosophy of passion, quality and hard work are pillars to live by.

We don’t sell bland and generic marketing packages without any insight on the customer. We build connections and cherish long-lasting relationships; we work together.

Max has always been an entrepreneur. His experience rang from various startup businesses that deal with online customers as the major source of their revenue. He has in-depth experience in marketing a business from virtually nothing to a successful one, so he knows the value of marketing to a business owner.

Our team has built companies from the ground-up and are now multi-million dollar businesses in less than a decade. They have hands-on experience, understands the customer’s needs, and will do all the necessary steps to deliver evidence and results. Other companies look after the marketing budget, prepared with excuses when they fall behind. They don’t care about their client or their industry.

With a combined experience of over 40 years, theAD has gained the confidence of various industries from startups, enterprises and well-established businesses. Our team is backed up by experience and results.

Focus on the customer and
all else will follow

“We don’t do excuses or opinions.”

“We do tailor-made and evidence”

Focus on the customer and
all else will follow

Our output is seen and felt by businesses and their budget. We take a more personal approach. We provide free consultations and work with your budget. With theAD, we will bring your business where you want it to be, with your satisfaction as our priority.


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