Ivy Tuesday’s Branding Case Study

Client Overview

Ivy Tuesday’s is a company that specializes in organizing large parties on Thursdays at Ivy, one of the most iconic club in Australia.

Client Objective

Ivy Tuesday’s approached us, an integrated digital agency based in Sydney, Australia, to create a complete visual transformation for their brand. They wanted to stand out in a crowded market and establish themselves as the go-to company for the biggest parties on Thursdays.


Our team created a full brand identity for Ivy Tuesday’s, including a redesign of their logo, logo reveal and variations, and styles and animated templates for social media. We also designed tickets and a special Halloween promo branding to showcase their unique style and create a remarkable feel.

Logo Development and reveal

Our team started by reimagining Ivy Tuesday’s logo to create a more modern and versatile look. We played with different fonts, colors, and shapes until we found the perfect combination that captured the essence of the brand. We then created logo variations and a logo reveal to use across all their marketing materials.

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Logo reveal

Brand Logo

Styles and Animated Templates

To showcase Ivy Tuesday’s unique style, we created custom styles and animated templates for their social media channels. We used bold colors, graphics, and animations to create a consistent look and feel across all their platforms.

ivy Thurs Days
ivy Thursdays

Design for Tickets

We also designed tickets for Ivy Tuesday’s events to create a sense of exclusivity and excitement. We used the same bold colors and graphics from their brand identity to make the tickets stand out and become a coveted item for their target audience.

Social Media assets




Special Halloween Promo Branding

To create buzz for their Halloween event, we designed a special branding campaign that featured spooky graphics and animations. We used the same bold colors and graphics from their brand identity to make the campaign cohesive with their overall brand.



Facebook Cover




The complete visual transformation we created for Ivy Tuesday’s helped them establish a unique brand identity that stands out in a crowded market. The bold colors, graphics, and animations we used have created a consistent look and feel across all their marketing channels. This has resulted in increased engagement and excitement for their events, with more people attending their parties on Thursdays at Ivy than ever before.


Working with Ivy Tuesday’s allowed us to showcase our branding expertise and create a visually stunning transformation that helped our client stand out in a competitive market. We’re proud of the results we achieved and look forward to continuing our partnership to help Ivy Tuesday’s achieve even greater success.

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