Revolutionising Photo Editing with Only Edit: A Mobile App  design and Development Case Study

Mobile app design

In today’s era of social media and digital content creation, photo editing has become an integral part of the user experience. With the rise of influencers and famous personalities setting trends in photo aesthetics, there is a growing demand for mobile applications that allow users to edit their photos in the same style. This case study focuses on the development of Only Edit, a unique mobile application designed and developed by theAD, a leading app design and development company based in Sydney.

Branding and Identity:

At theAD, the journey began with the creation of the branding and identity for Only Edit. Understanding the importance of appealing to the target audience, the team aimed for simplicity and minimalism. By adopting a minimalistic design approach, the focus was directed towards the core feature of the app: the photo filters themselves. The branding and identity of Only Edit reflected this vision, captivating users with its clean and modern aesthetic.

Mobile app design

Wireframing and User Experience:

To ensure a seamless user experience, theAD proceeded with the wireframing stage. Wireframes acted as a blueprint, allowing the team to rehearse user behaviour and determine the best logic for the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). By mapping out the app’s flow and functionality, potential issues and improvements were identified early in the development process. This helped streamline the subsequent design and development stages.

Mobile app design

Mobile App Design:

Once the mobile application’s design was approved, theAD’s design team embarked on creating the visual representation of each screen. Every screen was meticulously designed, incorporating all necessary elements to ensure a user-friendly interface. The focus was on providing an intuitive and engaging experience for users, enabling them to edit their photos effortlessly. The design elements were carefully chosen to align with the latest trends in mobile app design, offering a contemporary look and feel.

Mobile app design

Mobile App Development:

The development phase of Only Edit involved several complex stages. The application was designed to have two types of user accounts: a user account and an influencer account. The user account enabled users to store their photos, edit them, save drafts, follow their favourite influencers, and purchase the latest filters. On the other hand, the influencer account allowed influencers to create their own photo editing presets and share them with their audience. Moreover, influencers could monetise their filters by receiving royalties for their creations.

One of the most significant challenges during the development process was creating a powerful photo editor. The team at theAD aimed to provide users with the ability to create styles aligned with the latest trends in photo editing. The photo editor incorporated advanced tools and functionalities, empowering users to transform their photos with professional-grade effects and filters.

Mobile app design

App Development Sydney:

Being based in Sydney, theAD leveraged its expertise in app development to create Only Edit. By combining their technical skills, creative flair, and deep understanding of user needs, the team successfully developed a feature-rich mobile application that revolutionised photo editing for its users. With Sydney’s vibrant tech scene and a wealth of industry knowledge, theAD ensured that Only Edit met the highest standards of quality and innovation.


Only Edit, developed by theAD, is a complex mobile application that addresses the increasing demand for photo editing tools that replicate the styles of influencers and famous personalities. Through careful branding, intuitive design, and sophisticated development, theAD successfully created a platform that allows users to edit their photos with ease. By incorporating user accounts and influencer accounts, Only Edit bridges the gap between users and influencers, empowering both to explore their creativity and achieve stunning photo edits. With its advanced photo editor and the ability for influencers to monetise their filters, Only Edit interesting idea of the mobile app design and development in Sydney and beyond.

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