Elevating Nutroaster’s Legacy: Revamping the Jimmys Pride Logo & Ecommerce for Nutroaster

Combining Tradition with Modernity to Create a Fresh and Welcoming Brand Identity

Logo Design

We are delighted to have been involved in this project, collaborating with one of Sydney’s oldest nut roasting companies. Nutroaster is a renowned brand known for its high-quality roasted nuts, which are prominently featured in some of the most sophisticated restaurants in Sydney.

Our initial focus was on revitalising the sub-brand, Jimmys Pride. Working closely with the founder, Jimmy himself, we aimed to give the iconic logo a fresh and modern touch.

Original logo:


We provided a range of options and explored different directions to enhance the Jimmys Pride logo while maintaining its well-known style. Our goal was to subtly incorporate new colours, shapes, and artwork, while preserving the essence of the brand. This approach resulted in a logo that not only retained its familiar appeal but also exuded a welcoming and approachable vibe, perfectly capturing the desired customer experience.


By combining our expertise with the unique vision of the founder, we successfully created a new logo for Jimmys Pride that represents the brand’s evolution while staying true to its heritage. The refreshed logo now aligns with the brand’s values and resonates with customers, enhancing its presence in the market.


We are honoured to have contributed to the growth and success of Nutroaster and Jimmys Pride, and we look forward to continuing our partnership to further elevate their brand identity and market presence.



Package Branding

The next crucial step for Jimmys Pride was to develop an eye-catching packaging design that would not only be simple but also distinguishable and easily recognisable on store shelves. To achieve this, we conducted extensive market research and visited various retail stores where Jimmys Pride products were already being sold. This allowed us to gain valuable insights and create a unique and outstanding packaging solution.


Our design process was meticulous and involved close collaboration and continuous communication with the Nutroaster owners. We wanted to ensure that the packaging perfectly reflected the brand’s values and effectively conveyed key information to consumers. The end result of our efforts is a clean, informative, and visually appealing packaging design that is both simple and easily identifiable.


The packaging we created for the entire line of Jimmys Pride products serves multiple purposes. It not only captures attention on store shelves but also communicates important details about the product, such as nutritional information and flavor profiles, in a clear and concise manner. We took great pride in developing a packaging solution that not only showcases the high-quality products inside but also enhances the overall brand experience for customers.

By combining our design expertise, market research insights, and effective communication with the Nutroaster owners, we were able to deliver packaging that truly stands out and elevates the brand’s presence in the market. We are thrilled with the outcome and the positive impact it has had on Jimmys Pride’s sales and customer engagement.

Our collaboration with Nutroaster and the successful development of the Jimmys Pride packaging has been an incredible journey. We are excited to continue working together to further strengthen the brand’s position and create captivating packaging solutions that resonate with consumers.


Ecommerce Shop development and support

In addition to our branding and design services, we took on the responsibility of developing and maintaining the Nutroaster shop and company website, providing a comprehensive support solution and a single point of contact for all digital maintenance needs.

The Nutroaster E-commerce shop is a valuable addition to the Nutroaster Fresh shop, offering customers the convenience of purchasing authentic Middle Eastern products online. By establishing an online presence, Nutroaster can significantly expand its customer reach and streamline the supply of its products to a broader audience, ultimately leading to increased revenue.


Our team dedicated significant effort to developing an intuitive and user-friendly E-commerce website for Nutroaster. We meticulously crafted an online shopping experience that not only mirrors the quality and authenticity of their products but also enhances customer satisfaction.

The Nutroaster E-commerce website showcases the diverse range of products in an enticing and organised manner. Through strategic product placement and compelling visuals, we highlight the unique flavours and quality of the Middle Eastern delicacies, capturing the attention of potential customers and encouraging them to explore further.

To ensure a seamless shopping experience, we integrated secure payment gateways, implemented robust inventory management systems, and optimized the website for various devices. By doing so, we guarantee that customers can easily browse, select, and purchase their favorite Nutroaster products with confidence, no matter their location or preferred device.

Our ongoing commitment to maintaining the Nutroaster E-commerce website allows us to promptly address any technical issues, update product information, and continuously enhance the platform’s performance. We understand the importance of providing a reliable and hassle-free shopping experience for both Nutroaster and its customers.

The Nutroaster E-commerce shop has proven to be a valuable asset, helping Nutroaster Fresh expand its customer base, streamline operations, and drive revenue growth. We are proud to have played a significant role in establishing and maintaining this online platform, and we look forward to continuing our partnership, ensuring Nutroaster’s online presence remains engaging, efficient, and successful.


theAd + Nutroaster

Our collaboration with Nutroaster has encompassed a comprehensive brand transformation, covering logo design, branding, packaging, and the development and maintenance of their website and e-commerce store.

Starting with the logo revamp for Jimmys Pride, we worked closely with the founder, Jimmy, to infuse a modern touch while retaining the brand’s iconic style. The result is a fresh and welcoming logo that preserves the brand’s heritage and resonates with customers.

Moving on to packaging, we conducted market research and collaborated with Nutroaster to create a visually appealing and informative design. The packaging reflects the brand’s values and effectively communicates key information to consumers, elevating the overall brand experience.

In addition, we took on the responsibility of developing and maintaining Nutroaster’s website and e-commerce store. The website showcases the diverse range of authentic Middle Eastern products, while the e-commerce store provides a convenient platform for customers to make purchases. With secure payment gateways and seamless browsing experiences, we ensure customer satisfaction and facilitate increased revenue for Nutroaster.

Throughout the entire process, our team has remained dedicated to understanding Nutroaster’s vision and delivering outstanding results. We take great pride in our role in helping Nutroaster enhance its brand identity, captivate customers with visually appealing packaging, and establish a strong online presence.


By providing a comprehensive support solution and serving as a single point of contact, we continue to maintain and optimise the website and e-commerce store, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for customers and facilitating Nutroaster’s growth.

Our collaboration with Nutroaster showcases our expertise in logo design, branding, packaging, website development, and e-commerce solutions. We are honoured to have contributed to Nutroaster’s success and look forward to further elevating their brand in the future.

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