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CAT opened a new office in Casula and asked theAD to come up with something new and different for their merchandise corner.

Our team finished the project from the ground up. We created the design, the layout, manufactured the elements and installed their one of a kind set up all within 2 months.

The project involved customised frames and elements and a complete space fit out. Our in house team developed design specifications and technical drawings in order to fully visualise the space and bring all the individual elements into synchronisation.

Every centimetre of the area was analysed to highlight position, lighting, the ambience and flow. With everything produced in-house, there’s a seamless flow of communication between the manufacturers, the development team and concept design.

Every stage was able to be integrated within the company, rather than out source.

We offer an attention to detail not accessible from other firms. Each element was imagined, developed, manufactured and then brought to life by theAd and its team. The client was able to be involved the entire way, with no finished detail left to ambiguity. In total 3 variations of digital and technical drawings were given to CAT before approval was given.

We offer state of the art finishings and concept development. CAT required specific display units in order to cater for their customers, how they would view the merchandise, the lighting, the height, and the integration into the existing space.

3D Every element that was produced was given in sketch and in detail to the client for approval and acted as the technical guide for the building and manufacturing team.

Our team took the ideas of the client and made them come to light. We work around the clock with a dedicated team. Our specialists are experts in their field and have a passion for details. With all components built in house, each step was coordinated, on time and done with immaculate precision.

Every element was built within the work shop, assembled by hand, and then further customised to the client’s specifications. Following the approved technical drawings meant everything was to the exact specification and exactly what the client wanted.

Each element was adjusted where needed, to ensure everything was seamless to the space and its environment. With every piece custom built and under one company, the reaction and turn over time for changes was quick, efficient and made working within the schedule completely achievable.

The fit outs feature a slim fit tablet for customers to process orders on the spot when visiting the space. This gives more power to the client’s consumer and speeds up order times. The customer is able to see what they want, and order it then and there immediately, all at a comfortable table height.

The entire project, from the ground up was completed within 2 months.

This means all custom sketches, concept design, material selection and ordering, manufacturing and building, set up and installation, adjustments and last inspection were all finished and completed for the client seamlessly and without any interruption or delay.

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