A Flower is Just a Weed With an Ad Budget: Making Your Products Pop

In the right hands, advertising is a powerful tool. It can shape how people think, turn everyday products into sensations, and attract new markets.

So, here are some tips to help your advertising do just that, with a few notable examples from the industry.

Build on an insight

Simply put, an insight is a simple but fundamental truth about consumer habits. Insights are rooted in extensive research and are the key to ideas that stick. And so, they’re the key to building a successful campaign: one that resonates with your target market.

For example, Weiden and Kennedy’s 2010 Smell Like a Man, Man campaign for Old Spice worked off the insight that women made 60% of body wash purchases. The ads, in turn, focused on selling Old Spice to female viewers via Isaiah Mustafa, “The man (their) man could smell like.” In just a few months, Old Spice sales doubled, then doubled again.

Find an interesting angle

In the modern advertising landscape, ads need to grab attention. You can, of course, settle for an interesting ad. But the better option is to find an interesting angle of your product and run with it.

Take, for example, a blender. You might not think it’s possible to make blenders exciting, but Blendtec found a way. Blendtec’s founder was put in a lab coat and did what he did every day; successfully blended everything from wood to marbles, but this time on camera. People were dazzled. Within two years, retail sales increased 700%.

Use feeling

One of the fundamentals of advertising is to focus a little less on a product’s capabilities and a little more on creating a feeling. And one of the best examples of this is Nike’s 1988 Just Do It campaign.

The ads, focusing on professional and amateur athletes telling stories of their achievements, inspire viewers to “Just do it.” And Nike, thanks to the campaign, overtook almost half (43%) of the North American Sport Shoe Market within a decade.

As we always say, you shouldn’t use these techniques blindly. Always consider your brand, your market, and do your research before putting an ad idea into practice. Because what worked for another company might not necessarily work for you.

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