App Development Agency vs. Freelancer: What’s the Best Option?

Want to outsource your mobile app’s development but aren’t sure whether to go with a freelancer or agency? 


You’ve come to the right article. Here are some pros and cons you should consider before taking your pick. 



At an app development agency, you’ll have a complete pack of specialists at your disposal, including UX/UI specialists, iOS and Android developers, and designers. This team will be headed by a project manager and be accustomed to working together, making for better communication and a generally more organized process. 


But, you can also find expert freelancers. And you won’t always need to search for separate specialists. For something as complex as app development, freelancers often form teams, and unlike with agency teams, you’ll have more flexibility with choosing who’ll work for you. But keep in mind that with disparate team members, you run a greater risk of miscommunication. 



It’s no surprise that app development companies have far more resources at their disposal. While freelance teams will often have technological needs covered, an agency will be equipped with everything from extra hands to project management software. So if you want a more complex app, decide to scale, or change direction, an agency will be more equipped to handle it. 



With all their resources and experience, hiring an app development agency will generally cost more than an individual freelancer or a freelancing team. However, app development costs can differ wildly depending on the company, freelancer, and country, so pricing can skew either way. 



We hope this article helped you reach a decision, or at least better understand the development landscape. 


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