Have you ever seen a candle burning at both ends?

It a beautiful thing: the candle burns brighter, but burns out quicker.

Most companies are guilty of this: they over-stress on basic things that they shouldn’t worry themselves about.

But you’re not most companies. You’re the smarter company. 

Smart companies don’t light both sides of their candle. They get another candle.

Let TheAd help you burn brighter at a fraction of the effort.

Right now Facebook is the most-used social media network, with more than 2.23B active users. 


Currently, you have (put their number of likes) pairs of eyes following your brand. 

We can help double that in a few month’s time by making sure your brand always has its best foot forward.

We will help you conquer Facebook by preparing daily posts, making you stand out from your competitors.

An in-house team will visit your operations twice a month to take photos and videos that you want to upload. 

They will work hand-in-hand with a team of copywriters, developing attention-grabbing content that is fresh, consistent, and engaging.

We know you value branding, that’s why we will attach your logo with every post, along with a call to action at the end of every copy that direct the audience to your website or contact details.

Should you want to integrate Facebook onto your brand even more, we can also incorporate Facebook Ads to extend your reach and increase brand recall, at an additional cost. 


So that’s content creation, professional in-house art and copy team, and content management, 

at just $650 a month. 

Stop lighting yourself on both ends. Let us help your brand burn brighter.