When I started running Google Advertising, it was pretty confusing.

When I started running paid traffic, it was pretty confusing.

Everyone seemed to be preaching something different and telling me what I should be doing, and where I should be running traffic.

There are dozens of different platforms to advertise on – Facebook, Instagram, Google, Taboola, AdRoll, LinkedIn, just to name a few…

…And it seemed like everyone knew someone that was “killing it” on a certain platform with some wacky strategy.


But I want to tell you a simple secret that I learned after spending $598,241.62 on one channel alone in the last few years…

For most people, if you actually want leads and sales sooner rather than later, Google Ads is where you need to be.


With Google Ads, you’re targeting people at the bottom of the funnel.
You’re getting in front of people ready to buy with high purchase intent. They’re not scrolling their Facebook feed, they’re not browsing Huffington Post…

They are actively looking for something SPECIFIC. 

When someone searches “Best emergency plumbers in Surry Hills,” you know they are looking for a service right then and there…

Because their pipes just BURST!!!
They aren’t browsing around, they are ready to buy NOW!


And being able to target them at that moment means that this is literally the most valuable place for you to show up. That’s why they work better for driving leads and sales than anything else out there… and will continue for years to come.

But don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t easy.  When I first started, I made TONS of mistakes and my ads didn’t work the way I thought they would.


Google Ads is a mess of complicated interface lined with booby traps that suck the profits right out of even smart marketers.

We tested it with our own money.
We put it into a system.
And we spent the last year testing it with customers just like you, and we’re getting crazy results.


Like when we reduced one client’s cost per lead by 85%, or when we drove 752 leads for a local business in 90 days

If you want to start taking control of your business, Google Ads is the number 1 thing for you, and we can help.

Whether you’re new to Google Ads or already running campaigns, let us help you crank out more revenue for every dollar you spend.