The Familiar and the Classic: Forbes Inn Hotel’s New Website

Logging in to the Forbes Inn Hotel website will automatically feel familiar. Like the hotel, the website is an open area where visitors can get to know the hotel better. At the same time, the simplicity of the website masks the history that the century-old hotel carries in its walls. Standing for over 100 years, the simplicity of the website is reflective of what Forbes Inn is now. It is a classic hotel where friends catch up and don’t need flashy gimmicks to draw in guests. 

Buttons placed on top of the website allows for easy navigation for all website visitors. These buttons link to pages that feature the best parts of the hotel. This includes the sports bar, restaurant, function hall, accommodation, to events held in the hotel. The photos give visitors a glimpse of what the hotel has in store for them, making sure that each page contains enough information about the hotel. 

Creating simple websites like these deliver the best results for hospitality-based businesses. They’re straight to the point, easy to navigate, and has a gallery filled to the brim. It’s unassuming but still demands attention because of the hotel itself. Despite being more than a hundred years old, having a modern and updated website ensures that Forbes Inn Hotel not only leaves its mark on Australian history but online as well. 

Being an old name in the industry does not secure your business from closing down. Having a website is hugely important these days, especially if you want to last. So whether you want a simple website like this one or a more complicated dynamic website like that of Visual Advertising Solutions,  you can fill in this form or contact us and one of our account managers will be in touch soon.