The Most Expensive Website Design: You Guess

With dozens of web design tools at your disposal and hundreds of web design freelancers and website development agencies in Sydney alone, web design price tags can vary from $100 to over $10,000.

Can you guess at first glance which of these websites falls closest to the $10,000 mark?

website design in Sydney

web design in Sydney

website development in Sydney

Your first inclination might be to guess Apple. And as the creators of several luxury websites, we can see why. But don’t discount the other competitors just yet.

Web design pricing largely depends on 3 things

So, let’s walk through them to see who’s the likely champion.

1. Size

Bigger is not always better, but it’s definitely more expensive. Here, the number of pages, number of unique page templates, and amount of original content rule. In terms of page count (not counting individual product pages), the sites are relatively evenly matched. In terms of unique templates and original content, however, there are some distinctions.

Apple, for example, has a ton of products on offer, each with its own description and several accompanying photos.

Soilboy is also an e-commerce site with original photos and product descriptions, but fewer than Apple. Soilboy also looks to have less diversity in page templates than the other two sites.

VAS is a very custom site, so while it does have less original content, each page is built into a unique, animated template. (As its creators, we can tell you the web development process for these pages was not easy).

1. Complexity

We’ve done our fair share of web design in Sydney. So trust us when we say that the more complex a website is, the more expensive the design process. When we say complex, we mean:

  • Custom visual design elements like animations, illustrations, photography, infographics
  • Complex page layouts and interfaces
  • Complex navigation system

The Apple website, for example, has a lot of high-quality photography and relatively complex navigation between its many pages and in-page prompts and links.

Meanwhile, the VAS website incorporates unique animations on every page (plus parallax scrolling). Its navigation system is also complex, with interactive sliders and buttons and several in-built pages dedicated to its brands.

Soilboy has a far simpler style and user navigation, but it also has high-quality photos and some transition animations (like delayed pop-ins).

1. And last but not least, functionality

This means the number of unique tasks. These tasks might include:

  • Payment system
  • Member login
  • Products features (add to cart, wishlist, etc.)
  • Database integration

Here, Apple and Soilboy are pretty evenly matched, with the only expensiveness advantage being Apples’ higher number of products and product types. VAS, meanwhile, doesn’t have any of the above features (but then again, it doesn’t really need to.)

And the winner is…?

Honestly, probably Apple. In matters of web design, gut instinct is sometimes right.

The thing to take away from all this though is that good web design is not always synonymous with a high price tag. Soilboy is a very well designed e-commerce site, and our VAS website was an ambitious undertaking and a worthwhile investment.

As long as a website does what you need it to do and looks great while doing it, you’ve got yourself a winner. So if that’s what you want, if you’re looking for website design in Sydney or even website development in Sydney, get in touch with us.