Why Branding is Important in Marketing

To market yourself without branding (and vice versa) is to shoot yourself in the foot.

Let’s explore. In a nutshell, branding and marketing are both involved with shaping consumer perception about a business, its products, and its services. So by extension, they both affect the position of a business in the market. However, marketing is more focused on building awareness, while branding is building you.

Or, to put it less cryptically, branding is essentially the process of creating and shaping the identity of your business.

Branding is essential in marketing because it is the foundation on which your marketing efforts should be constructed. This foundation will not only help you establish your tone, visual identity, and how you want consumers to perceive your business; it will also build a connection between you and your customers. And marketing is essential for branding because it is the connection’s bridge.

In essence, connecting good branding to good marketing will create sustainable growth. While your reach grows and your offering and marketing methods evolve, your branding will remain a constant, easy source of identification for your customers. While your marketing drums up brand awareness, your branding will differentiate you from your competition. And while your marketing draws in more customers, your branding is what will keep them coming back.